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Jul 13, 2011 by Joe Sweeney ()
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Prior to hosting with WinHost I had been with another hosting company for almost 10 years. About two years ago I built an ASP.Net AJAX site and began to have no end of trouble with it. I am an experienced programmer with 15 years experience writing database-drive web sites on a Windows platform. Every time I complained about a problem, the other company would reply that they could not find the problem and that any code I wrote was my responsibility. My own research into the problems indicated a server issue, but they would not acknowledge it.

I spent a few weeks researching other hosting companies, one of which was WinHost. I submitted an actual problem I was having with the other company as a hypothetical, and asked what their response would be. They graciously replied, and provided the answer I knew was the correct one.

I immediately switched all of my business web sites over to WinHost, and have been extremely pleased with the performance of my web sites. Additionally, their knowledge base has been extremely helpful and the staff responds to questions quickly and knowledgeably.

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