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Verio : Verio Reviews : Horrible service, very disappointing.

Oct 14, 2014 by Guido van Es (Hidden)
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Have been a Verio clients for a year and a half, hosting two domain names and using them for email services. After about a year things started to go wrong, and my first ticket was opened in May 2015 (writing this in october 2014) asking for help because we were experiencing huge email delays.
To make a long story short I was firstly helped OK by the helpdesks, but soon found out that solutions to minimize the delays were only temporary.
I am now many tickets further, support is getting worse and worse, both from the Phillipines and the States. Promises are made but not fulfilled, and each helpdesk guy has a different opinion. When I asked to speak to a manager they would send me emails saying the issue has been escalated, but never a word from a manager.
Finally, I was talked into buying a more expensive service, where I would not be sharing the server with many others anymore (according to them, spammers were causing huge email queues: sounded plausible) and as such no more email delays. Having paid for the service (Zimbra mail) I immediately found out that the service definitely did not improve. Despite me asking for help by email (calling to their USA number from Peru was getting expensive) I had to call always because they would ever respond not even after three days, and so it went on and on. Every time I was helped a little bit, told that I had to wait afterwards or the internet connection would go and despite them having asked (every time again) my callback number they not even once called me back. Not once.
So, finally it started working to RECIVE email through the new server, indeed, without a delay. But they first gave me wrong information as to how to set up the SMTP (send email through the new server) and after they gave me the right information Gmail was rejecting it because "Your other email provider is responding too slowly. Please try again later or contact the administrator of your other domain for further information." Helpdesk obviously says that I just have to wait.
Well, I've waited for six months for something to be done, for my complaints to be taken seriously, for a manager to give me a true solution or give me my money back, for simply having a hosting service that makes my emails going where they have to go and coming back without more than an acceptable delay!!! This is truly horrible, horrible service, is costing me clientes and too much energy. I can continue to talk but it would become too boring, just want to make sure that no one else falls into their trap and starts a relationship with them: they are NOT a serious, nor quality company and their service is totally rubbish. Please find some other company to host your website / email service.

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