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Verio : Verio Reviews : VERY BAD SERVICE

Feb 17, 2012 by Hidden (Hidden)
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I have been trying to log on to my control panel for over a week for my boss.
The control panel has been down off and on but the technical support people from the Philippines say they can log on. What good does that do me!
Then they say ... oh it's not working we have to escalate the problem ... may be back in a day or so. To bad for you.

What a worthless hosting company.
Hopefully my boss will move us to another one soon.

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Michaela Said,
Mar 27, 2012 @ 17:12

VERIO is a big joke! You cancel the service, they still send you an invoice. You raise a concern about your accounts, they don't answer the issue objectively but will reply to you as in below. They put as subject: The issue has been resolved! For them but not for the customer!

"Please do not hesitate to contact Customer Care should there be any further questions or inquiries regarding this Incident.
You may contact Customer Care at:
https://support.verio.com/remedy (800) 438-8374
Please refer to the Reference Number when contacting Customer Care regarding this Incident.

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