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Jan 15, 2008 by G.W. (Hidden)
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When first signing up with them in 2001, they were awesome, but as of March 2007 Community Architect took over and plastered our website with objectionable advertising on, in and over our website. Meaning pop-ups, pop-unders, side-bar, top bar and footer advertising. It was insane, then they
removed our free site after they errored when doing a system clean-up and would not give it back to us for the free webhosting even though the website says that it's supposed to be free. Tech support did nothing to resolve this just said there was nothing they could do except if we paid them money, we could set up our site from scratch again. DO NOT HOST with them, they are actually community architect in disguise. The original owners are no longer the owners of JesusAnswers.com.

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